Conference Information

YC Newfoundland and Labrador (YCNL) is a locally operated, multi-denominational, Christian youth conference designed for junior high, high school, and young adult students. For more information on our conference and its guidelines please click below.

Ministry Moments

Following each service, an opportunity for prayer may be given.

Steele Community Community Centre Courtesy

As courtesy to all YCNL delegates, we ask that you refrain from speaking loudly or participating in activities that may be disruptive during sessions. YCNL Ushers and Security will be on duty during these times to keep distractions to a minimum. Individuals exhibiting behaviour deemed dangerous to themselves or to others, will be removed from Steele Community Centre. During YCNL, Steele Community Centre is used for the sole purpose of participating in worship sessions and attending concerts and speaking sessions. This area is not to be used for recreational purposes during any scheduled YCNL event. Please do not bring any outside food into Steele Community Centre.


Modesty and consideration of others is the underlying principle for all behavior, which also applies to dress code. Dress for the event is casual. Leaders should have group members bring APPROPRIATE clothing. Please be mindful that varied Christian backgrounds are represented at the event. Romans 14:13-19 is a suitable guide.


Many organizations host exhibits at YCNL. Delegates are encouraged to drop by the Exhibitor Hall and visit their booths. YCNL reserves the right to decline any exhibitor, exhibitor display, item, or literature. Only registered exhibitors are permitted to distribute materials, and no other products or services are to be distributed, sold, or posted on the grounds or parking areas unless authorized by YCNL.

First Aid

Trained First Aid staff will be on site to handle minor medical problems. However, a sick bay is not available, and it will be the responsibility of the chaperone to provide for sick delegates.


Ushers will be on duty during General Sessions and Concerts to assist in seating, keep aisles clear, and make sure that the conference is safe and enjoyable for everyone. Please feel free to ask them for assistance and respect them by abiding by their instructions.


As the YCNL conference is held on private property, we will enforce our policies for the safety of all attendees. Firearms, weapons (fake or otherwise), paintball guns, alcohol, and drugs are not permitted at any time at Paradise Double Ice Complex & Community Centre or its surrounding grounds. All offenders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Bikes, rollerskates, rollerblades, skateboards, water balloons, and related devices are not permitted during the event. Hacky sack and related activities must be kept outside. For the safety of others attending, violation could result in confiscation of property and/or dismissal.


Host grounds for YCNL are patrolled by the RCMP, Paradise Double Ice Complex & Community Centre staff, and the YCNL security team. It is our desire to maintain the highest level of ethics and standards in relationship to conduct and ministry during the event. Guidelines are set for the benefit of everyone who attends. All YCNL participants are expected to cooperate with our policies, staff, and security. Failure to work in cooperation with personnel could result in dismissal.

Video/Audio Recording

Video and/or audio recorders will not be permitted in the arena during general sessions and concerts. Contractual and copyright restrictions prevent the recording of concerts and musical portions of sessions and YCNL is obligated to enforce these policies. Still picture and video cameras are permitted into the venues for the recording of your personal/group YCNL experience, but will be confiscated for the duration of the event if used to record any portion of a concert or other musical performance.

No large format/professional style still and/or video cameras will be allowed into the venues.